Multifunctional Processing Center Of DFE

Dongfang’s Electronic Assembly Factory is our multifunctional processing center, utilizing the latest facilities and production lines. It offers 11,000 square meters of space for assembling, wiring and testing by 160 skilled engineers, with exceptional manufacturing craftsmanship, high-grade electrostatic and humidity-sensitive protection, and by following established process protocols we can offer the highest quality product for our customers.

In 2000 Dongfang imported advanced SMT production lines, 3-wave soldering machines and 12 modern assembly production lines, from these an automated printed circuit board welding line as well as an automated cabinet production line were created.

Dongfang’s investment has exceeded more than ten million RMB to import the SMT production line which is mainly composed of a high speed placement system from American SPEEDLINE, German SIEMENS and the multi-functional SMT machine purchased from the Japanese JUKI company. The functions of the SMT production line include: automatic loading, screen printing, dispensing, patch, reflux, soldering, unloading, plug-in, wave soldering, BGA rework and 3-D inspection. In 2005, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) for PCB, ROHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances) detector, and ICT (ln-Circuit Tester) instrument has been imported successively.

Dongfang has 5 high intelligent temperature controlled aging rooms which it uses to test printed circuit boards and modules under various operating temperatures.

The Electronic Assembly Factory endeavors to incorporate the latest research to improve technological levels and product quality.