Technical Center

The company has a group of professional talent experienced in technology and project management. Professional technicians and engineers make up 49% of its staff, including 336 Masters and 14 PhDs. Dongfang has been certified as one of the state Technical development Centers since 1997 as well as postdoctoral scientific research station.

In our technology-driven business, we constantly strive to develop new technologies and improve existing solutions. The guiding ideology of DFE's innovation system is to meet customer requirements and expectations and lets its staff "Enjoying Work" and "Enjoying Life", which allows it to upgrade the innovation ability continuously.

Dongfang files over 7 patent applications, 30 software authorities and launches around 20 new products each year.

Through appointed well-known domestic and abroad experts and scholars as consultant and corporation self-cultivation, Dongfang has accumulated a large number of experts who adapt the core technology. There are more than 1000 technicians from various majors such as electric power system automation, computer technology, communication technology, electronic instrument, industrial automation, etc.